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 Immune Support!

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Protects DNA

Supports Immune Function



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Ingredients and Scientific References


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Protects Precious DNA!

DNA-Immune is one of the most distinctive products ever. It incorporates the latest scientific technology to support healthy immune function and provide valuable protection to the DNA contained in the trillions of cells throughout your body. Exposure to chemicals, harsh environmental factors, and lower levels of protective phytonutrients in the diet, make it important to support healthy function of DNA in our bodies. Our proprietary blend of the most potent and broad-based mycoceuticals, plus ellagic acid, Japanese Knotweed extract, beta-glucans, IP-6, L-carnitine, and specialized immune-supporting herbal extracts provide specialized support for your body’s DNA and immune system.


How does DNA-Immune protect DNA and support healthy immune function?


Unprecidented Formula

DNA-Immune is an unprecedented product, combining modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom to create a truly unique nutraceutical product. DNA-Immune is designed to support two of the most important functions in maintaining wellness: retaining high-level healthy immune function and promotion of healthy DNA.

Proper function of the DNA code, imprinted in all nucleated cells of the body, and proper function of the immune system may well be the two most critical factors involved in maintaining health. The major function of DNA, beyond carrying the genetic traits of our ancestors, is to duplicate itself exactly when cells divide. The code carried in the DNA of each cell is ultimately expressed as a myriad of specific proteins, many of which are enzymes that are the “hardware” of cellular life. It is crucial to protect DNA in order to continually synthesize flawless copies of these complex proteins called enzymes in order to maintain healthy metabolism and cellular functions.

DNA-maintenance enzymes within the cell are responsible for ensuring that the code remains the same when a cell divides, accomplishing this before, during, or after cell division. The body ensures cellular health through a process called apoptosis. During apoptosis cells that are unable to maintain accurate DNA copies through their own DNA repair mechanisms are broken down and recycled. The body has numerous such processes to maintain and promote healthy DNA, and thus healthy cells, including a healthy immune system.

 Immune System Modulation

Our immune system modulates between an “active” and a “resting” state. When the immune system is fully activated, the chemicals made by the immune system to protect our bodies, know as cytokines, chemokines, and antibodies, are at high levels. When the immune system is resting, these same chemicals exist only at very low levels.

The immune system remains in a resting state until it recognizes a challenge and then switches to an “active state”. Harsh environmental chemicals  affect the quality of the immune system’s response to such challenges. The combination of these harsh environmental factors concurrent with the depletion of nutrients in our food supply, escalating stress levels, and poor eating habits, creates a situation in which specific nutritional support for the immune system may be of great benefit in sustaining healthy immune function.

Potent Mycoceuticals

This product contains a proprietary blend of the most potent and broad-based immune supporting mycoceuticals, i.e. mushroom varieties that have been used in many of the traditional Asian health supporting practices for thousands of years. They are grown by a proprietary process on organic brown rice culture, and harvested in the mycelial stage when their active constituents are at an even higher level than in the “fruiting body” or actual mushroom. The mycelial product is then dried at low temperature for stability. The culture conditions used for production of this unique mushroom blend prevent aluminum from entering the final product.

Since most species of mushroom actually concentrate aluminum from the environment, many commercially grown mushrooms contain high levels of this potentially harmful mineral.

There are several mushroom-derived products available which are processed extracts that are touted as potent “immune supporters”. Research has shown however, that what is gained in immune support potency is lost in function as an adaptogen, that is, the ability to regulate healthy function despite the types of challenges that may be present. To achieve the maximum benefit, an immune supporter requires adaptogenic qualities. For synergistic effects, yeast-derived beta-1, 3-glucan is also included to complement the many and varied mushroom derived beta-glucans, all of which have been shown to support high level healthy function of the immune cells of the body.

 Flavonoids That Protect DNA

The second major category of ingredients in DNA-Immune is a broad spectrum of plant-derived flavonoids. These are chosen for their function, not only as potent antioxidants, but also for their ability to maintain healthy function of DNA in ways separate from their antioxidant activity. The recent amazing accomplishment of sequencing the human genome provides a window into secrets of life and health never before available.

Exposure to chemicals, harsh environmental factors and lower levels of protective phytonutrients in the diet and food supply, combine to create formidable challenges to maintaining and promoting the healthy function of DNA in our bodies. 

Multiple Flavonoid Compounds in DNA-Immune Include:

All of these compounds share a common chemical structure, termed phenolic (though the latter two compounds are not technically flavonoids because they don’t contain the flavone ring, they are all closely related phenols).

Although they have complicated chemical sounding names, they are widely distributed in edible plants. They are found in particularly high concentrations in nuts, berries, spices, herbs, seeds, and teas.

The enzyme bromelain (purified from pineapples) is included in the DNA-Immune formula to increase the bioavailability of these flavonoids and for its ability to maintain and promote the healthy function of immune cells known as macrophages.

Immune Supporting Botanicals

The third major category of components in DNA-Immune are botanicals (plant extracts). These are chosen for their high flavonoid content, their antioxidant activity (as measured in the scientific laboratory) their traditional use in maintaining and supporting healthy immune function, and their ability to promote and maintain healthy DNA. Included in this category are:

Co-Q-10 and L-Carnitine For Essential Energy Production

The fourth category making up DNA- Immune are nutrients that play a key role in cellular energy production, since high level immune function requires large amounts of cellular energy. L-carnitine is an amino acid derived compound necessary for transport of fatty acids as fuel into mitochondria, the “furnaces” of the cell.  Co-Q-10, likewise, plays a key role in the ability of the mitochondria to produce cellular energy, while protecting mitochondrial membranes from free radical attack. Finally, folic acid, vitamin B-12, and betaine are included, for their role in methylation reactions, which are essential to maintaining healthy DNA, and for the role folic acid plays in maintaining and strengthening healthy chromosomes.

The fifth and final component of DNA-Immune is inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6), otherwise known as phytic acid, a major component of plant fiber. Animal studies have shown a wide variety of beneficial effects of this compound including promoting and maintaining high level healthy immune function, healthy blood sugar metabolism, and antioxidant activity.

These five categories of components:  mycoceuticals, flavonoids, botanical extracts, methylation and energy specific nutrients, and inositol hexaphosphate, combine to make a truly unique nutraceutical product designed to help you maintain overall good health at its highest level by protecting your cellular DNA and supporting healthy immune system function. Making it a regular part of your daily diet, and using larger amounts during periods of stress and/or immune challenges, can enhance your level of wellness considerably. Try it for a few months and see for yourself.  Keep in mind—you never know what you’re preventing!

DIRECTIONS:  Two tablets two times a day.

Contains no artificial preservatives, sugar, starch, caffeine, salt, wheat, gluten, corn, milk, egg, shellfish, soya derivatives, artificial sweetening, flavoring or coloring agents.

This product is not tested on animals. Contains no ingredients from animal sources. 


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