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Minerals are the foundation of our bodies since minerals are components of hormones and enzymes that are responsible for our biochemical life. Life Plus carefully researched the various sources of the minerals contained in Micro-Mins Plus and uses only the best-quality, plant-derived colloidal minerals in the world. These minerals are found in organic humic shale that, during prehistoric time, was lush vegetation. As the plants died, they accumulated and through nature’s forces eventually compressed and dried, forming the minerals now found. A special process has been developed to extract the minerals in a highly concentrated, usable form. Micro-Mins Plus contains a wide variety of high-quality trace and ultra-trace minerals that you need to provide nutritional support to your entire body. Micro-Mins Plus is a quick and easy way to supplement these minerals in your diet on a regular basis without having to purchase numerous supplements.

What Is Micro-Mins Plus?

Micro-Mins Plus contains 77 minerals, many of which are trace minerals. Trace minerals are needed to maintain a healthy body, but are required in quantities less than 100 mg per day. The Federal Government has acknowledged the importance of minerals to support your overall health by designating over 12 minerals that are necessary and another 8-10 that are needed. Life Plus, as part of its commitment to you, will continue to keep to you updated on additional benefits as they are discovered.

Additional Lifestyle Options to Ensure Health.

As part of your overall health routine, you should eat a nutritious, balanced diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Another Life Plus product you may wish to try as an ideal companion to Micro-Mins Plus is Daily BioBasics™ powder, which supplies you with at least 100% of the Recommended Daily Value (RDV) of all essential vitamins and minerals plus 50% of RDV of fiber.*

Supplement Facts


Adults take two capsules once a day. More can be taken if desired. May dissolve contents of capsule in water or juice. Children take one capsule once a day.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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