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SOURCE: Online price survey of prices available when conducted on Date shown.
(Note: This is a price comparison of similar products to various Life Plus products. We did not include products which were of obviously inferior quality.  However, if a particular product is not here it does not mean anything either good or bad about it's quality. It just means for some reason (oversight, etc) we didn't compare it. Also not all Life Plus products are covered here. More will be added as time permits. This is painstaking work and takes time. As other product comparisons are completed they will be shown here also.

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Category Of Product Product Name Reviewed
Antioxidant Proanthenols OPC-85 01-06-2001
Fiber - Colon Cleanser Colodyne 01-09-2001
Digestive Enzymes Sustenase 01-09-2001
Weight Loss AminoLyze 01-11-2001

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