Would you like to receive free or reduced shipping and other discounts?

Here is how!  When ordering ask to be placed on the ASAP program.

If you are ordering over the telephone you can be placed on the ASAP program over the phone and receive free shipping.

If ordering through our online order form. Just write (you may copy and paste)  the following Statement in the "Message" section (at the bottom) of the online order form.

"Please sign me up as an ASAP member"

I understand that as an ASAP member I will be purchasing at least $40 in products each month. I may cancel my ASAP membership in any month I so choose."

Details on the ASAP Program are shown below!

Here are the customer advantages of being on the ASAP program.

1. You can order the most Value Driven Comprehensive Daily Nutrition program available. It is called BIO-BASIC. You save $6 off the regular price of $55. ASAP members pay $49 and ASAP members receive free shipping.

Click here for Information on BIO-BASIC.

2. As an ASAP member you receive 1/2 price shipping on all other orders under $100. Orders over $100 the shipping is free.

Free and 1/2 priced shipping applies to the following Countries:

United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Other Countries (See Below)

Note: Orders over  2 kg weight in Europe will receive a credit of up to the highest free shipping amount (about $10 US) off of their total shipping. This credit also applies to all other countries not mentioned above. ASAP members in all other countries not mentioned above will receive this discount off of their total shipping.

ASAP Program

Being an ASAP member comes with many advantages. The ones we are talking about here are the free shipping benefits.

What does it mean to be an ASAP member. There are two forms of ASAP membership. One is an Automatic shipment program where you can specify a product or products be shipped to you automatically shipped to you on any date of your choice.

The other form of ASAP membership is the CV Certificate program. With this form of membership you are issued a CV certificate worth $40 every month on the 21st of the month. They may be cashed in at anytime for products. In the event you place an order for at least $40 CV prior to the 21st of the month then you will not be issued a certificate for that month. You may save the certificates and cash them in all at once. For instance you could save 3 CV certificates and cash them in every 3 months. In this matter you would have over a $100 order and receive free shipping. Otherwise each $40 - $99 order receives 1/2 price shipping.

You may cancel an ASAP membership at anytime.


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